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My family and I attend a Baptist church, although I do not go on a frequent basis this is the religious affiliation that I am most comfortable with and that I have identified with my entire life. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend service at Thalia Lynn Hispanic Baptist Church a church targeted for the Mexican population. I chose Thalia Lynn because I wanted to compare the way my childhood Church was to the Hispanic Baptist Church. When giving this assignment I was a bit skeptical of going into another worshipping area to observe for school. One of the main reasons was because I had not attended my own home church in quite some time. As I started to think more in detail, this experience would allow me to become more aware of how other ethnicities operate and a little about the different people who practice these religions. I chose to look at the Hispanic population to follow suit with our earlier group presentation about Mexican Americans. The Hispanic/Mexican population is one of thee if not largest growing populations in America. By understanding their outlook on life and becoming a little more aware of their culture and religion will allow me to broaden my horizon and the opportunity to work with entire new population. I believe that growing up I was able to decide my destiny long ago. By attending weekly church services with my grandmother I was able to decide that no matter what I did when I grew up, that as long as I was helping someone then my job would always be my reward. Hispanics have used their religion as a source of spiritual power. Like many ethnicities religion is one of the key components of life. With it you are able to ask for forgiveness and believe in a higher power or being. This power you are able to pray to in hopes of answering your blessings and callings. In my opinion because the Hispanic culture is ever-growing and increasing in numbers at a fast rate, it is a wonderful time for this racial group to instill their religion and way of life into the American culture. This group is strong and holds their culture dear to their hearts. Their culture is what they have to hold on to; they do not deviate away or “Americanize” because they are in America. This ethnic group holds true to their ancestors and traditions and I think that is why they have been able to increase in numbers at a rapid pace. The social class establishing this ethnic group is those of the Hispanic/Mexican race decent. Individuals who attended the Thalia Lynn Hispanic Baptist Church were of the middle class socio economic background. These individuals were at a higher economic background than what America portrays people from Mexico and Spanish backgrounds to be. As stated in the beginning I felt a little out of place entering in to a worshipping place that I have never been to and solely for the