Cultural Experience In Cronos

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St. Cecilia Catholic Church
My first cultural experience, I went to St. Cecilia Catholic Church in St. Louis. The church supports a Hispanic ministry and parish. Before I went into the church, I parked in the back of the church, where the its school was located. I was able to buy a churros and hot coffee. I readied their programs and found out that the church was built in 1927 and its Romanesque style architecture. It also talks about how the Archbishop Raymond L. Burke changed their mission to help the Hispanic community in St. Louis. The priest, Father Anthony Ochoa, could speak English and Spanish. He would some switch between them at certain parts of the mass. I could not make out most the words. The only words I could understand was their songs as I have their songbook and their songbook has both English and Spanish in it. Many of the members were Hispanic but I saw all type of people in the church during the service speaking English and/or Spanish.
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The film was Guillermo del Toro’s first feature length film, releases in 1993. The film stars veteran Argentinean actor Federico Luppi and actor Ron Perlman. The film is horror about the conflict between Luppi’s character and Perlman’s character’s uncle for a device that grants immorality and turns the user into a vampire. The film has both English and Spanish speaking characters so the language of the dialogue changes frequently. I read the Spanish subtitles and could understand the most of the