Cultural Heritage Assessment in health and Illness Essay

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Cultural Heritage Assessment in health and Illness

Grand Canyon University:

The United States has always been an open country with its kindness in welcoming people of other nations into it. The population of the United States is growing notably because of the migration from the rest of the world. This writer lives in Richmond, a city in the state of Virginia, a multicultural city that is heavily populated. The presence of such a population density increases the awareness of health care professionals in their ability to be receptive to other cultures. Heritage or culture is the nonphysical, inherited traits we
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Using garlic to treat hypertension and eucalyptus oil and leaves to treat respiratory problems are two examples of their herbal therapy (M, Victor, Personal communication, February 23, 2011). They are more prone to chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and other cardiovascular conditions because of the malnutrition that results from low-end jobs that provide no medical coverage which makes it harder for them to have health care follow ups (Edelman & Mandel, 2006). The African Americans are the third ethnic group that the writer chose for heritage assessment. Their family is very encouraging and relatively large. The oldest woman of their family is usually the decision maker regarding the welfare and health of the family. She is the one who usually determines whether to go for treatment or not while having issues with health for her family members. During the interview of a Jamaican family who settled in the United States about 20 years ago, the writer understood that there is a huge connection between religion and treatment in their culture. The interviewed family had four members including that parents who are in their early forties and are health care professionals. They have two kids aged 8 and 12, who are going to school. They live close to their maternal grandparents which allows them to have a safe babysitting option for their children. The grandparents, who take