Essay on Cultural Identity

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Cultural Identity

Texting on phones, checking the internet for twitter, snotty brats, sporty cars, and leisure time. These may be some of the things that you think of when I inform you that I am a teenager. In all actuality these things I do not come across in my daily life. They are only obstacles that get in my way of becoming me and what I value and believe in my culture. Culture is very important to me and my family. People now have different values and beliefs than their ancestors, for mine have changed as well. In all actuality no one can take away the things I value and cherish the most which include education and food.
My education is very important to me, and very important to my family. My family and I value education to an extent of being well disciplined. I have been told from when I began school that I am capable of becoming anything or anyone I want to become. My elders have told me from a very young age, that if you try hard enough, you can accomplish anything your heart desires. Coming from parents who did not go to college is a bigger incentive for me to do a 4-6 year college plan. I have already made it to honor roll and have gotten awards for my excellence in school. Education is the biggest thing I value.
Why food? Food is one of many things that tie my family together. I say that because my father taught us to cook from when we were in third grade and still continues, but not as much anymore. My Grandma has taken over the role once we moved in with her three years ago. Our Grandma has brought canning to our attention, she says “Canning is a lost art and an efficient way to save money”. Now we make homemade Salsa and homemade Tomato Jam. One other thing we “can” is Grandma’s Spaghetti Sauce that has