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Cultural Identity
Everyone finds out what they’re a lot about themselves during school years and in today’s society cultural identity is like second nature, but it has not always been that way. There’s a vast amount of cultural differences within the school systems and after speaking with my interviewee who is of the same cultural descent as I, but experienced cultural identity in different ways than my own because of time progression. Being of African descent I and my interviewee do understand the ancestry value that our culture identifies with. My interviewee was raised in the 50’s and 60’s where cultural identity was treated a lot different than it do in today’s society. I do understand where my interviewee morals come from in treating everyone of equal value regardless of their cultural identity. I can relate to such values because I am going through the stages of being an Educator and being an African American teacher have to be able to teach all cultural differences and must be able to relate and instill education equally within all students. The effects that cultural diversity has within the classrooms are essential especially in today’s time. Students come from all different cultural circumstances and as a teacher you must adapt to all students. Coming from times where mixed cultural classrooms were accepted, but you as a student wonders why some student receive more help than others. In future classrooms students will be in