Cultural Interview Essay

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Interview with Maria Mexican culture is colorful and rich, enriched with pride and heritage. Family values and strong moral constitution have sustained the culture for hundreds of years. I have had the pleasure to interact and consort with the Mexican culture most of my life in the business that I'm in. Dedication and hard work are the stables that bound the stigma of the Mexican culture. Being that I truly honor the culture I have chosen a friend of mine that I work with to perform my interview upon. My interviewee is Maria Dimas; she was born in Cancun Mexico but has lived most of her life in the United States.
Maria and I eat lunch together almost every day in the cafeteria where we work. I asked her a few weeks ago if she would be
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I went on to research Hidalgo myself and found that he taught theology, philosophy and ethics, and was a great man. He is remembered on Mexican Independence Day.
Fourthly, I asked Maria what her definition of culture is. Maria said that she felt it was the things about people that make them different from others. I agree with her to some extent but at the same time it is also the things about certain people that help bring them together.
I went on to ask her how important religion is in her family. She replied that her family is all catholic and it is very important to her and them. She said she tries to live her life as well as she can base upon the rules of her catholic background. On a lighter note is said "it can make dating difficult" and she laughed. Closely related to this question was the question if whether or not she and her family participated in organized religion. She seemed to think this was a silly question based upon her previous answer, but she said "yes, very much, we go to church three times a week".
I asked her which holiday is most important to her culture and she replied "The most celebrated holiday in my house is Christmas. We decorate the tree and the entire house". Maria has three children and they all love Christmas, like every other child does.
I went on to ask her "What would you say is, from your perspective, the