Cultural Museum Exhibit: World Trade Center Essay

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If you were given the chance to be apart of your town's history, would you chose to accept the offer? I was recently told that my town wants to create a cultural museum exhibit, to represent citizens of modern day. I strongly believe that my piece should be included, I choose to have a World Trade Center exhibit in the mesuem. Reason being, many Americans were lost that day, they were so many heroes that day. Lastly, I believe that America has the power to pull through such a tragedy together. A day like that should never be forgotten, creating an exhibit would make sure that future generations will always know of that day.
To begin with, I truly do believe that it will be great for our town to recongize those lost on that horrific day. In the exhibit, we could include the names of every innocent person who lost their life. It's said to be that 3,000 people died that day just due to the attack. I know that it is a touchy subject and some people do not want to have that as a memory of what happened. Therefore, we wouldn't be creating a memorial, just simply an exhibit of the towers and the list of names of the people who were lost. For the people who never got to know what happened or for the future generations to come to have an understanding of it.
Futhermore, on September 11th, 2001 we as a nation pulled together and fought through this. I believe my piece should include those who made the greatest sacrifice. Such as all the Police men, Firefighters, Sheriffs, Marines and especially those brave people on United Flight 93. 48 brave people made the most selfless decision to sacrifice themselves in order to save the lives of many others. Those people should be included in the exhibit even though they were not apart of the Twin Towers, they are still heroes. All these people on 09-11-01 deserve to be honored and remembered in the most positive ways, in which I do believe my piece in the museum would proudly do.
Lastly, people from all over the nation came to help those in need after the attack. New York City proved our standing as Americans when they pulled through that. Look at the them today, they are all fine and stronger than ever. A situation like that brings people together, it shows how much one stranger can impact your life in a split second. For those who do not know what happened like the majority of our youth does not, creating this exhibit in the museum would be the most wonderful thing to do. People talk