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Hello friends,

The term ‘Cultural Shock’ refers to one’s feelings while experiencing foreign culture and having difficulties. I was born and bought up in the southern part of India. People in India follow many different religions and cultures. These cultures are somewhat similar but at the same time unlike in other means. I experienced cultural shock, when I travelled to northern part of India, during my college days. I was a little shocked to see the difference between their languages, food habits, dressing styles. I also have undergone cultural shock while experiencing American culture for the first time, when I came to United States for my higher education. I have seen a major difference in the dressing style and food habits. Also after living in the United States for few months, I learned that there is also major difference in the family relationships. In India, most of the people would like to live as a joint family with their parents and other family members, throughout their life. But I noticed that most of the Americans, after crossing certain age would like to live their life independently, take their own decisions. Here I am not judging which culture is better, but I just gave this example as one of the cultural difference that shocked me. I have also undergone reverse cultural shock, when I returned back from my north India trip. After spending a good amount of time visiting different places and experiencing varied cultures in north India, when I retuned back to my home town, it took me few days to get adjusted to my own culture. The interesting part in my culture is the way our people welcome foreigners. This is the reason, which stands India as one of the most popular