Culturally Safe Practice In Nursing

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Cultural safety is an important aspect in nursing to provide patient-centered care and nurses are responsible for providing culturally safe practice to the patient. The nurse should be culturally competent while giving care to a patient. Firstly, nurses should identify their own cultural beliefs and values. Secondly, it is important that nurses recognise the cultural differences of the patients and deliver effective nursing care on the basis of cultural diversity. The nurse becomes culturally competent when she meets these two criteria (Chang & Daly, 2012).
The application of the principles of Treaty of Waitangi including protection, partnership and participation is the best way to demonstrate that my nursing practice is culturally competent and patient-centered (Wepa, 2015). The principle of partnership enables the nurse to consider the patients’ tastes and preference of treatment and help the nurse to give patient-centered care. The application of principle the participation emphasises that the nurse should include the patient and his or her family at all levels of education and management of the condition. The principle protection enables nurses to protect patients’ rights and to respect their cultural values, beliefs and practices (Wepa, 2015). Overall, as a nurse, I will apply the three principles of
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Reflection is the combination of self-awareness and self-development. Reflectivity in nursing practice helps nurses to evaluate their own practice and to find feedback from the patients also which enables the nurses to take appropriate action on the basis of this (Chang & Daly, 2012). During my nursing practice, I will apply reflectivity to make myself aware about my area of practice and my patients’ health condition which would encourage me to demonstrate culturally competent and patient-centered