Culture analysis Mexico and India Essay

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The strongest value for the Mexican is family, this affect the way they do business. To do business in Mexico you need to be introduce by someone close to them. Mexico is an important trade partner to the US and should be treated that way. They are very trusting and if you get close business partner with them they will treat you as their “work family”. They have a different approach toward time, they do not value punctuality as much as the Americans. In term of appearance, in a professional setting men should wear dark suit and tie, and wear pants and shirt in a casual setting. For woman they should wear a dress or skirt plus blouse if they try to be professional or blouse with pants or skirt if they try to be casual. Jeans are not well received and in term of posture, standing with your hand on hips suggest aggressiveness, and it is okay to do no eye contact as it viewed as a sign or respect. 90% of Mexican are Roman Catholics
In term of meeting behavior, men are expected to shake hand with each other and wait for a woman to extend her hand first, woman on the other hand may shake hand and sometimes be more personal (kiss on cheek or pat on the shoulder). Mexican have a different definition of personal space, they interact more closely to each other, and will often use physical contact with each other. (Embrace, hand on shoulder…). Gift are not expected but if you want to offer flower for example avoid the color yellow, red and white and for jewelry gift avoid silver.
When you address a Mexican partner call him by his title or last name until invited to address him/her by his/her first name. Tittle are very important and you should address them by them.
Doctor/PhD : Doctor
Teacher : Profesor
Engineer : Ingeniero
Architect : Arquitecto
Lawyer : Abogado
Mr. : Senor
Mrs. : Senora
Miss : Senorita
When you decide to do business in India there is a few rules to respect. First in term of appearance, men are expected to wear suit and tie, while woman are expected to wear more conservative cloth when trying to dress professional. In term of casual cloth, men can wear short sleeve shirts and long pants, and women are expected to cover upper arms, chest, back, and legs covered at all times.
When it comes to behavior, you should never touch the head of an Indian, as well as in Mexico standing with your hand on your