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This is a story about a family who worked a dairy farm full time, producing milk, and making sacrifices.There are six generations of families in Pennsylvania. They help people and help themselves. They work hard through dairy farming in Pennsylvania. They also work hard every day without much rest. The benefit of them having the experience and knowledge of farming, so that if the time ever came to face a depression that they would know how to farm to survive. The earnings are such as a wonderful opportunity due to having job and experience growing up. Their family has already kept a job for them and their families.

IN this story we will talk about hard work, how Pennsylvania has held for generations of farming. And have kept in same blood and strength to thanks to bringing dinner every night to the table knowing that they work hard day and night growing their own food and milked their own cows with their bare hands and have kept it going from family to family in good and bad. Teaching your children to way to earn a living a hard, but scuffing way is a wonderful feeling. BODY 1: This farm has a great story with this family how they are taking care of it and how important that farm is to them. It has an interesting story and how they enjoy working on that farm. There are working really hard in all kinds of weather especially in winter and the family who owns the farm are hard worker, plus. never take time off. I will say one of the members of that family equal three random workers. They know how to work it out and keep it healthy and good looking. They never stop looking for a work because they like working and fixing things in that farm. BODY 2: This family has been worked on the production and export of milk for people and helping to provide milk to the maximum extent possible for long time ago,because .they are familiar with it and they have had deal with it since they are chilled. Wherever. The family could producing 75 caws every twice day. And a cows have been milked from 4:00am until 4 pm every to provide a