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Employee satisfaction and valuing their needs has been the culture of the organization as Michael Parish has always emphasized on retaining human capital as a major asset of the organization. Providing motivational year-end bonuses and a supportive concern to employees’ decision of union formation is a clear indication of the care culture that prevails between management and employees. As regards Joseph’s hotel, deviances from company’s policies have been observed which are bringing bad reviews to the strengthening goodwill of the hotel chain. Therefore this hindrance in company’s major aim of expansion needs to be dealt delicately. The organization is dominated by an achievement-oriented culture that can be clearly seen through exhibit 3. However this desired culture lacks at Joseph’s hotel where management seems to be really informal in dealing with issues making it a major area of concern for the organizations development. Improper dealings with employees’ needs will proceed to a formation of a subculture of demotivated workers. Therefore to upkeep the expansionary mission of the organization it is necessary to maintain a good brand image by valuing employees and customer needs. Indeed this casual response to issues from hotel manager Joseph needs to be dealt with a serious action.
Richard is an achievement-oriented manager who adopts different behaviors to overcome issues and achieve given targets. Employees have been seen to ask for wage raise hence this reveals that…