Essay on Culture and Multicultural Work Group

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Depend on the evolution of today's worldwide scale business, the global marketing has significantly changed since Ward War 2. There by, some companies and other departments need such cooperation often involve the alignment of different culture. In this essay will illustrate what is multicultural work group, why firms need it, and the effects on both advantage and disadvantage sides.

First state the meaning of multicultural work group. Anthropologists and sociologists state culture as way of living, as a group of human being, traditional pass on from one generation to another. A cultural group out its way of living in the context of social institutions. Including family, religious, educational and business institution (Keegan and Green 2005).

Based on today's situation, increasing tendence of international business as well as other reasons require a mix-work group. Economic integration showed 10 percent at the beginning of the twentieth century, increasing to 50 percent today(Keegan and Green 2005). The present situation in U.S can show this mix-cultural tendence. Department labor's Bereau of labor's Statistics (BLS) projects, ethnic and immigrants take the biggest part in projects in U.S. After that, workforce, with growth rate for Asia American account for 44%, Latin Americans (36%), and Africa Americans(21%). However Whites lag far behind just for 9%( Kevin S. Groves and Ann E 2011).

Multicultural work group some times result from the needs of the companies. It might be company’s task to choose whether a group of mix worker from different counties is necessary. If this company begin to extend their products or service to foreigner market, selecting few people from that country seems smart.

Getting some work froth from different culture due to these stratagems of some international companies. Workers in that apartment only knowing English is not enough, employees must know their customers favor, limit, even some personal thing. Some times this is key point to success. There by we do need some staffs from different culture include of a variety number of Asia, black, and ethnic that deeply help to solve some emergence problems. From this point of this view, some well known enterprises , such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Heineken breaking down culture barries as they expanding into new marketing.

Coca-Cola assessing opportunities in China and India, gain a large a mount of market share. Coca-Cola always be a pioneer, use different ways and different cultural people to achive their biggest global goal. At first ,they one step before Pepsi to dominate the South Africa market. After that , go ahead with investment in china, become the leading brand in china. India’ market as successful as china, volume sales were up 21 percent over 1995(Keegan and Schlegelmilch 1999). So company must find new foreign market to extend their business, in older to become a top one. Based on this point of view, we need staffs cultural to face this high challenging world.

Nowadays, the law and requires are different from one country to another, so get a good relationship with the foreigner government and local officer seems important. After a well communication, you begin to work as a mix-cultural group with these local people. There are a big differences in law even about the parking, labeling, and distribution of the same products. For example, American selling Auto mobile need labeling act details like, the original country that produced this machine , clarifies the final assemble points and percentages of major source of foreign context. There by, firms need multicultural group deeply discuss these problems. Based on today’s new laws, the government give more policy to those people whom have the equal quality only because from different county. Follow that, the company must give the some work developing plan of those staffs. So this totally encourage employees to find a job in a cross-culture group.

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