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Culture Change
There are many components that make up Gene One’s culture, ranging from the talent that drives the everyday production and the mission to remain modern and innovative. And, like any organization’s culture, strategies, leadership and process changes evolve over time for the better and unfortunately sometimes for the worse. The proposed change using Lewin’s Model approach will bring numerous leadership and infrastructure changes. Removing the restraining forces will cause every individual to become more accountable for staying in compliance and adjusting to the company’s changes. . A stronger value and appreciation for the company will be earned if every individual is accountable for their contribution. Emphasizing on marketing efforts will create a responsibility to constantly represent the company in a positive manner. Communication is also emphasized with implementation of Marketing. Gene One employees will have to possibly change communication habits within their culture. Information will have to be revised to flow in a logical way in order for the change to be successful
New leadership within Gene Ones will also change the culture. The replacement of Don Ruiz will cause mixed feelings and may motivate good or bad practices from staff members. The new leader could possibly enforce new culture changes that senior staff will have to adjust to. New leadership may assess the current culture and decide to remedy any problems found. Gene One’s culture must align with their mission and every staff member must make sure they are supporting the vision and values. According to Anthony Bucci(2012), Culture change is necessary. Leaders must review current cultures and brainstorm ideas with employees from all levels about how to fix what’s not working. Many policies may have to be reconsidered including new job descriptions, and new communications strategies.

Politics and power will play and major role in Gene One’s change. Different perceptions from key leaders will influence certain positions within the company. These influences can encourage and discourage new leaders and change, depending on the nature of the company's political environment. Employees and managers at Gene One must work together to manage company