Culture: Culture and culturally Response Practice Essay

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Culture, values, and experiences are part of who we are and they go wherever we go, including in the classroom. Many decisions made are based off our own cultural backgrounds and values. Expectations that teachers hold for teaching and learning are grounded in cultural beliefs that may be unfamiliar to students and families from other cultures. There are many influences in culture such as; diet and mealtime, discipline and guidance, parent-child interaction, ideas about illness and use of medicine, dress, hair care, children’s roles and responsibilities in the family, toilet training, and how parents show affection. Understanding of one’s values, ancestry and culture and assumptions are linked to culture in an essential feature of culturally response practice.
Teachers who understand and value their own cultural identities recognize culture as cultural complex. Being knowledgeable about other cultures will help you not have judgmental opinions or react biased toward others. There are creative ways teachers can educate their students about other cultures in the classroom. This will give students a sense of belonging, maybe decrease bullying, create a level of respect, and create possibilities for deeper connections with students and parents. It is important to create a diverse atmosphere in classrooms and school not just for the students and parents but for the teachers and administrators as well. The holidays are a great opportunity for students and teachers to explore