Essay on Culture: Culture and Different Cultures Crash

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Culture is one of the most difficult concepts to be defined because it deals with diverse aspects on many individual activities. It consists of values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that people acquire by growing up in a particular place and their interaction with their environments. Humans shape their culture throughout time and history which creates the capability of changing individuals, which is how social changes change from generation to generation. Ultimately, culture helps us make sense of the world around us and helps us adapt to the geographical, historical, social, economic, and political context in our lives. Primarily, culture helps us geographically in our lives because the colonization of Latin America has had much relevance to how we live now. Several cultures changed the Aztecs and other tribe’s foundation of the customs they were accustomed to. So what we consider “western” culture came forth by existing “indigenous” cultures. All cultures were different depending where geographically they were located. However Latin America is the result of the unification of three cultural traditions which is European, American, and African. Secondly, culture helps us historically through the values one has in their culture. Sometimes there are moments in history when different cultures crash together and it becomes essential to understand the differences between the different types of cultures that exist and at a certain point rely on each other. Throughout history we can see that surviving cultures are not the ones that isolate themselves but those that change according to the circumstances they are in. Even when this means that one has to adopt different cultural things from another culture. However that is how these cultures have succeeded because of the unification of different cultures overcoming these diverse barriers. Thirdly, culture helps us socially in our lives. Culture affects with how one interacts with others, in some cases help unify a group. Social Identity comes forth in this. We automatically put people into social groups. In order to enhance our self- image we have to increase the group to which we belong to. In this in-groups will find negative