Essay on Culture: Dianne Hargrove Sociology

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Dianne Hargrove
Sociology 101
Professor:Colin Ruggero
Extra Credit After watching the Let The Fire Burn Documentary , I felt that it was completely sad, heartbreaking, and negligent.The overall saddest part being that no one was charged for this inhumane crime. The reason why I heartbreaking because of those young innocent children, being subject to many things living there not only that as a child as a child all you really want to do is have fun in a safe enviornment doing kid friendly things and I felt that they didn't have a opportunity.
Several things surprised me in this documentary such as how 9 members of the move organization was prosecuted of the murder of the philadelphia police officer, but the 3 officers who beat Delbert Africa wasn't found guilty. I feel that the city was negligent and wrong with the dropping of the bomb into the house, also allowing for the neighbors houses to get burned down. It seems as though the police had already decided the fate of those individuals because of what had happened a few years prior.
Reflecting back on the documentary I feel that police today as well as back then use to much force. I feel like sometimes they shoot to kill. In this case some of the officers probably wanted to help or save those individuals as well as children but they also probably felt that if they did they would get a bad reputation or seem weak to their partners or get negative remarks just like the officer who helped the little