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Culture Test: 1. What is generational conflict? How does it impact Australian society? * 2. What are some of the difficulties faced by migrants? * Migrants wants to stick to their culture but are raised to have Australian morals

3. Do you think migrants “absorb” Australian values? Why/why not? * I believe the Australian values affect migrants as it’s all around them every day. 4. Is Remi’s father’s view justifiable? * Yes. 5. What do you think happens if someone stays within their circle? * They get lost in their own circle and don’t compromise with others 6. Why does Mohammad’s father hold the view he does? How are they different to Mohammad’s? 7. Do you think it is possible to loose your identity as a migrant? How so? * You will always be a migrant, but you can learn to become Australian and learn the ways of Australia. 8. List some cultural differences the children face when being brought up in Australia? * Hanging out with certain people, the things they believe, the values and morals. 9. What factors influence change? * Where you live, location, media, social 10. How is generalisation conflicts dealt with? * They go their separate ways and generally don’t compromise. 11. Huda and Fadey – what do they struggle with? Would it be different in their country? How so? 12. Do you agree with Huda that Australian values are universal? * Yes. 13. Do you agree with the Australian