Essay on Culture: Family and Children

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First of all, Malaysia and Bhutan have similarities in being a role of parents. In majority of the countries, the husband or father is the head member of the family. As the head member of the family, they have the responsibility to take care of their family even if it is a small matter or a major ones. Therefore, they have the authority to family make decision. To be more elaborate, children would need to ask permission in any activities they would like to participate which is partly an important issue where as a father, he would be deciding based on their child's safety. Also, parents take control of their children's daily activities or to say lives in order to educate them to a decent career in future. However, after working for the whole day, they help each other in doing house work. Apart of that, the other similarities are mothers or a wives will take care of family financial because they are buying groceries and house items such as detergents for laundries and house cleaning, children allowance and clothes Additionally, parent need to provide everything for children who are still studying such as school equipment, the internet, and laptop.

The next point is responsibility of children. In Malaysia and Bhutan, children have responsibilities to take care of their parent when they reach certain age . From that, they make a time table to take turn for look after their parent. In this case, it happens because when the daughters get married they have to follow their husband. However, it difference in Bhutan. Bhutanese children that have the good economy will take and carry the huge responsibilities to support their families. Additionally, in Malaysia, parent usually give daily pocket money