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The idea came up while I had a difficult time to find a dress, a t-shirt or skirt that fit me perfectly, or sometime I went out to shopping and I saw a dress so cute but after tried it on, I realized it does not fit me well, and some time the size was too big or too small. Not only me but also some of my friends had this problem. So I was thinking to open an online fashion retailer. My businesses called Lillix House, where we want to help every single customer can buy clothes that make them feel happy and comfortable and also caused them to become more confident. We have the designer staffs that always update the fashion trends fast so that they can gives customers advice when customer need. The different between our shops is that customers can choose any kind of fabric and color that they want, and the designer staff will help the customer’s design the outfits fit their body and also look trendy. Every single customer after buying clothes in our store, we will record their body measurements to make sure they can re-orders new clothes without any worried about the size unless they want to change their size. Moreover, we also upload a video on our main pages to help a customer who doesn’t know do to how to measure their sizes (size guide). In addition, we designed some of the samples of different products, and start looking for a model to wear the product and then photographed and posted on the store website or a lookbook magazine to update the new collection. Through friends and acquaintances, they helped us share our store's page; we also pay money for Facebook to promote out website so that we can easy to get attention from customer. Likewise, we also look for many different ways to advertise our stores through the festive sales such as Hello Weekend Market, Saigon Flea Market (it kind of look like a small market where we sales clothes, accessories, shoes, cosmetic ...etc.). Since most of our products were conceived and designed by me and two of my friends (we have only 3 tailors, on one day, average finished products can be from 3 to 4 products). So we need to find some tailors to meet the needs of all customers. For each of products, we always looking for many different fabric and check the durability of the product before sewing to ensure all products are the best results achieved to satisfy all customers. Furthermore, to make all the customer satisfaction, we also offer services resized to fit all customers. All customers, they can try it on to see how it fit and how they look like before they buy any products.

Target Market: As we have observed and targeting potential customers aged around 15 to 30 years old. They might be the lady, or teenager, or sometimes gentlemen can also buy our products to give to their friends or loved. We believe that they are the customers who willing to pay an appropriate amount to purchase our products. Since these products are made of materials imported from abroad, and all products are limited quantity, and depend on each of the customer's style that made products cost a little bit higher. As an online fashion retailer we looking at the psychology of the customer, we always try to make each collection and each product is designed specifically for each client feel satisfied despite any small detail. Depending on the weather and different seasons, the design team always tries to help each customer can find an appropriate fashion trend with them.
The four basis of market segmentation
1) Demographics
Teenager/ Lady (ages 15-30)
Or gentlemen (gift to loved, friends)
Confident using Internet
Average Income
2) Psychographics
Seasonal fashion, but willing to spend money on quality
Want to look trendy and feel good about themself
Understanding fashion and enjoy time to shopping
3) Shopping Behaviors
Spend time to shopping online
Buying new clothes twice a month
Enjoy fashion, and looks for quality over quantity
4) Geographic
Outside Vietnam