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Name: MK

Title: My valuable lesson about respecting human differences.

I used to compare people with myself when I was a teenager. But I changed my mind totally in my student’s life.

I am very active, communicative and cheerful person. I like to organize different concerts and parties. Furthermore, I adore reading and watching the movies. My emotional temper might be caused by my interests and gene.

However, my friend Nina is opposite to me. She is calm, kind, sometimes naïve. These enormous differences brought the conflict between us one day.

My friend Nina studied with me in one group. We had one difficult subject where we had to use a computer because it was connected with official documents. In fact, I didn’t have a computer at home so I asked Nina to help me to type one document. Next day she brought me this document, I expected to get “A” from this subject. Unfortunately, I got “C”, because my document was the same like Nina’s. Teacher encouraged her but she disgraced me in front of the group that I used somebody’s work. I was upset because every time when she asked me a favor I tried to do my best for her.

Finally, we solved this problem and everything was ok until I had conflict with some girls in my group.

I had had problems with my group because I was a monitor of the group. Sometimes they didn’t like the way I managed everything. When I was arguing with my group mates Nina didn’t say anything to protect me. She was silent when everybody attacked me. Occasionally, when somebody addressed any slightly offensive word to her I protected her with all my feelings. That situation really made me upset.

I wanted to have a friend who shared with me not only happiness but my stressful days too.

We had happiness together many times. Usually I offered her interesting ideas. For instance, I gave her books, which I regarded very interesting and amazing or I invited her to movie which was very useful. Once time I had read advertisement about the opening of German Theatre. They invited volunteers to play in that Theatre. I inspired her to go and participate in it. Eventually, we won the sponsorship to visit Germany and have participation in International Theatre Festival.

One day I felt boredom being with her. She has never offered something to do or even she didn’t speak with me. I had to pull information from her about her family,