Culture: Saudi Arabia and People Essay

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There are many and different cultures around the world.Most of the countries contains Multicultures and more.Cultures can make big different in people acting and living even the way how they eat.Cultures can impact and change people to suit the country or the city they live in,on the other hand it can change them and they wont be able to live in the other cultures if they were independent .A lot of people like to see and try other`s culture and most of the travelers travel for that reason . In Saudi Arabia the weather is extremely hot in the morning and quite different at night so we do our weddings and ceremonies which is different in the UK .Talking about weddings in Saudi Arabia As i mention before we celebrate at night because the hot weather. We invite around 400 people with a lot of food and drinks which makes a huge different. In the Uk the people celebrate in the morning and not to many guests.In the coffee in Saudi Arabia people usually enjoy their moments with refreshing cold drinks but not in the UK which they order hot coffee to get wormer .Every single house in Saudi Arabia has an air conditioner on the other hand UK got heaters in the houses which make it a huge different between the weather in the Saudi Arabia and UK . For entertainment in Saudi Arabia there is a lot of places to entertain specially the red sea which has very nice beaches.People in Saudi Arabia usually like to sit on the beaches,have sunbath and play volleyball.It`s quiet the same in the UK.