Essay about Cultures: African American and New Orleans

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Notes on Culture and History of New Orleans

New Orleans is a place for free people of color
Many people of many culture came to new Orleans from around the world
The culture of new Orleans was formed from many different cultures combined together to create the food of new Orleans, the Mardi gras and many other parts of the culture
New Orleans was a hard place to live with the swampy land and the heat
First settlers in new Orleans were French Spanish native Americans, colored
The origin of jazz came from new Orleans
Voodoo a religion dealing with god, spirits is from new Orleans
The whites came in and invaded new Orleans, and soon the uptown and downtown of new Orleans formed
Blacks became slaves in their own free country
The culture of new Orleans was formed by many different types of people, the blacks and the Europeans cultures combined together to create the Mardi Gras, and cultures of new Orleans
Mardi Gras were and are still huge celebrations in New Orleans.
The city of new Orleans is referred to as the “most unique” city in the America
The three main colors of new Orleans Mardi Gras are gold, purple, and green
New Orleans is covered in swamps, and water all over

New Orleans was founded in 1718 by
The first New Orleans “skyscraper” was built in 1807

In 1812 the Europeans and the Americans began to immigrate into new Orleans and this is when the “uptown” and the “downtown” of new Orleans was created
The meaning of Creole is a person with pure French/English decent
Soon the whites began to take over new Orleans and used the blacks as