Culutre: United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia Essay

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STUDENT NAME: Ali Alghamdi DATE: 03/31/2012
TITLE. The different culture between my country and USA of the national Day of Saudi Arabia and USA.
TOPIC: The difference between Arabic culture and American culture relation and the language but similar in terms of respecting others people
REASON FOR CHOOSING THIS TOPIC: Because, there are many people would like to know more about our culture and how we celebrated.
Similarities, Differences, and Challenges | Lessons Learned | Lessons Learned and Future Actions | The big different culture between my country and Unite State of America.The punishment for peopleThe religious issues in my country.The atmosphere that we have in my country and how it very different from America.The different life between my country and America. | I how to improve my ability of doing something that I want it.I learned how to be in different culture and enjoying with them.I learned to be far away from anything that is not related to my culture and not to be in risk.I learned how many people be in dangerous because of Alcohol. | I will try to talk about the different in the culture.I will keep all of information that I get from many countries to improve my skill.I will try to teach my children about my experience in America. |


It is well known that, there are many countries around the world have different cultures and and how they celebrated their enormously form country to other country. Some countries have more than on national day such Pakistan, which are important in the foundation of the nation. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded by King Abdul-Aziz in 1902. In Saudi Arabia is well known that people or visitor can enjoy celebrating any of our culture, holiday in many ways, such as seeing Arab’s hospitality, firework, and learn from their culture with its history.
To begin with, hospitality of the Arabs people is important in the introduction to ethics of Arabian etiquette. Hospitality is the key part in any Arabian occasions such as wedding, a birthday, and as well as the traditional of Arab. For example, Arabian customs and traditions, such as in special days’ people are increasing joy and pleasure to each other. On other hand, the characteristic that distinguishes Arab in their occasions is happiness and present. People are common visiting and celebrating with each other. It is also the