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Before this course started my knowledge of African American studies was very weak in the sense that I never really knew the struggle that African American faced in the United States besides the use of slavery and aspects of the Civil War. This class really opened my eyes as to the struggle and fight for equal treatment throughout history by starting African American colleges in the United States to spread knowledge and the true history of the African American people that lack being told in history textbooks in this country. After this class I have realized the true objectives of African American studies. These objectives include the advances that African cultures have made the idea of bringing harmony to the world that is full of stereotyping and hate. Also to reach a higher level of morality while promoting racial healing to students of all ages. Making sure to educate and re-educate students about the nature and dynamics of the black experience in America and throughout the world! With providing knowledge that can be used to develop the black communities worldwide and bring about reform in society at large by fostering universal racial justice for black men, women, and children. The knowledge I have gained about the African American community is something that I can share with my friends and family as they may lack the knowledge of the real African American struggle that they have learned in their educational history as I bring the truth to the surface.

The status of contemporary race relations in the United States has changed to an extent with a new face in office in 2008 that has never been done in the history of the United States. President Barack Obama's election is the result of a general, steady decline of racial prejudice over time, coupled with Obama's efforts in his campaign to transcend race in ways that minimized the effects of traditional stereotypes and racism that may have been directed toward him. Attitudes toward Obama changed because people got to see him as an exceptional person during an exceptional time when America was struggling economically and emotionally with the recent years of terrorism acts while the country was ran by former president George. W. Bush. His election has the potential to reduce prejudice in dramatic, unprecedented ways by having so many different ethnic cultures voting for an African American man. Nevertheless, the attitudes toward African Americans as a whole will not change overnight simply because of an election of a black president, but can only hope this will change some Americans perspectives overall. Attitudes, particularly racial prejudice, which serves a number of psychological and material functions, often have a basic core that is resistant to change—but people are able to incorporate new information and change their attitudes with new experiences. Obama's election offers America unique and profound new racial experiences that have not been seen before regarding politics. Personally I feel this was a huge stepping stone for America as a need for change with a new face leading America. A hundred years ago the idea of an African American president was unheard of and thought impossible because of the white framework that has corrupted the American people with racial mindsets.

The strengths and weaknesses of Affirmative Action policy have mixed emotions in America as some feel it’s fair to give an equal opportunity to everyone no matter the educational background and so on. The other end feels that this is counter racial and unfair to these cultures because they feel they should not have to pay for their ancestors actions of the past. Well first what really is affirmative action? Affirmative action is nondiscrimination requires the elimination of all existing discriminatory conditions, whether purposeful or inadvertent. An employer must carefully and systematically examine all of its employment policies to be sure that they do not operate to the detriment of