Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Essay

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In The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time written by Mark Haddon, father is the most influential character to Christopher because he is protective and violent, which causes the destruction of their father son relationship.
Throughout the book, Christopher's father can be described as protective over Christopher. At the beginning of the story, Christopher finds his neighbors, Mrs. Shears, dog dead in her front lawn. Christopher becomes intrigued because of his love for dogs, so picked him up and the police arrested him in assumption that he had killed the dog. Father was discontent to learn that his son was in jail and became very cross instantly with the policemen in the station. Father says, "'I want to see my son,' and 'Why
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An example of father's violent behavior began when he had told Christopher a list of things he can't do, including solving the murder of Wellington. Christopher created a book of information on the murder. Father found the book and became very angry with Christopher, Christopher states, "Father interrupted me and grab hold of my arm really hard. Father had never grab hold of me like that before... And when he switched me on again I was sitting on the carpet with my back against the wall and there was blood on my right hand in the side of my head was hurting. And father was standing on the carpet a meter in front of me looking down at me and he was still holding my book in his right hand..."(Haddon,82-83). This evidence reveals the violence his father has and how anger can take over his actions. Christopher is majorly impacted by this event because it causes him to be much more scared of his father’s capabilities and what he could do next. Later in the story we find more proof of his father's violence when he admits to killing Wellington. The cause of his actions was because of Mrs. Shears choosing Wellington over father, and he decided to kill the dog. Father says, "I killed Wellington, Christopher"(Haddon,120). His father wanted so strongly for Mrs. Shears to be upset and in