Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime Analysis

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I believe the main topic of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime is about becoming independent and growing to become an adult. Because of Christopher's autism he can’t do everything he would like to do in the world. Like for example, in chapter fourty-seven, Christopher talks about becoming an astronaut and going into space. He also talks about wanting to be an astronaut because he’d be all alone far away from any living thing. Christopher finds comfort in being alone in life, he isn’t too fond of strange people.
The reason why Christopher finds comfort in maths is because he likes solving his own problems by himself. That's all apart of growing and gaining responsibility. All Christopher wants to do is to make his father proud of him and to be a good citizen to follows the daily schedule. Christopher finds that following the same daily schedule gives him a certain type of comfort
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The theme of this book is mentioned throughout the whole book. Christopher tries to gain freedom from his father by becoming an independent person. By learning that his mother had indeed not died, it gave Christopher the push he needed to gain his independence he wants. Truly, I believe that Christopher got his newfound confidence that he can be independent and take care of himself. Initially, Christopher accomplished a big thing, and I don’t think he will or anyone will realize it till later. He grew up some throughout the book while he was discovering the world and how hard it is to navigate by yourself. The theme of this book truly shows through Christopher and grows some as he becomes more independent from his father. I think many more things will happen and cause him to become more independent. Christopher’s point of view throughout the book changes from a naive young boy to an independent young