Curled Metal Inc Essay

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Case: Curled Metal Inc. (CMI)
Introduction Curled Metal Inc. originally sold metal as a finished good but has later developed its business concept to transforming metals into high value added manufactured products. Early in 2008, the company was about to launch a new product, which could revolutionize its business, setting a new standard in the pile-driving market: CMI cushion pads. However, this product launch poses key strategic issues to the company, ranging from assessing manufacturing capacity to defining the product value proposition. In the roadmap to the launch CMI has also to consider how to approach the market, identifying key customers or/and influencers, positioning its new product, assessing distribution alternatives and
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SWOT Analysis As a result of the situation analysis it is possible to summarize an overall SWOT analysis for CMI, as follows:
Strengths Technical competence Effective R&D processes Weaknesses Access to Influencers / distribution channels; Access to end costumers / contractors; Inexperience in the pile-driving industry

Product performance (best in class)

Opportunities Open a new market Reduced level of direct competition Definition of a new standard – first mover Customer’s price sensitiveness;

Threats Customers may not perceive new product value(s) Availability of substitute products; Potential new competitor’s imitation; Potential adverse economic environment

Segmentation / Targeting / Positioning for CMI Cushion Pads As a first mover in the niche market of cushion pads, and given the technical and other resources availability, CMI could address the market as a whole. In fact, in terms of product specifications, the only possible market segmentation resides on the size of the pads. Considering that the 11 ½ inches pads are the most common, probably CMI should consider this size when developing its standard offer to potential customers. However, for some projects, other sizes may be required, what should not