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Curley’s wife is symbolic of Eve – the female character who, in the Biblical story, brings sin and death to the world. She is also symbolic of women everywhere who are repressed by male-centered societiesJohn steinbeck dresses her in red to represent danger but she is actually quite a charming character as we see at the end. all she wanted to do was be in the movies and to b glamourous. but i would say her main function was to link back to what happened in weed and be the reasoning behind why the trouble had started and why it had ended. It is also suggesting, during the novel, that Curley beats her, we find this when she says “Curley ain’t a nice fella”. It gives the impression that he is not nice to her either and knowing of Curley’s reputation on the ranch, he may feel the need to sometimes let his anger out and beat his wife. Curley’s wife seems to be to true beginning and end to the story. The first line may not start with her; neither may the first section but all of the action starts with her entering the novel. Everything in the fresh starts that Lennie and George had is gone and she is the one that took away the hope. She is presented in so many different ways throughout the novel but really truly makes the story with her naivety. Slowly during the novel we find out about more and more of her insecurities and how she is affected by the situation that she is in. Curley’s wife’s sole purpose in the novel is to be a narrative device to destroy the dream. The fact that she is in the wrong place at the wrong time kicks everything off and in her naivety she talks to Lennie and lets him get carried away which results her death. After she is dead the damage that she has caused is not yet finished because Lennie now has to run away to the brush and them he is shot by George. In a sense, the hope of the dream dies when Curley’s wife dies but the tiny bout of hope left is in the one who has to be killed/punished for the consequences of his own and her actions. Once Lennie is killed the dream is truly dead and George feels as if he has nothing left to talk to. She starts talking of the Hollywood Dream that she still has some, yet little hope for. She tells Lennie that she was asked by at least two people whether she could go with them to Hollywood to be in the movies. She had pictured all these glamorous dresses and wonderful dinners and parties, they were all a figment of her imagination but these ideas seem to be the only thinks that keep her going throughout the whole book. While she is talking to Lennie about her dreams and her past, she also brings up why she married Curley. Curley may use her as trophy but she had already used him in return by marrying him to escape the clutches of her over-protective mother. Through all that she tells Lennie we find out how much she relates to a small child in the sense that she is stubborn and naive. The introduction of Curley’s wife into the novel is by other characters interpretations of her; she is talked about quite a…