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In the novel of Mice and Men, Steinbeck makes the reader feel sympathetic for Curley’s wife in a variety of ways. Curley’s wife is the only female character in the novel, and everybody calls her “Curley’s Wife”. She is also an un-named character and she stays unknown throughout the novel. This links in with one of the main themes of Mice and Men “Loneliness” because the novel is set in a place called Soleidad which is spanish for loneliness.which is easily shown by not having a name.
When Lennie first saw her, he thought she was “Purty” another meaning for pretty. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. The rest of the men on the ranch refer to her as a “Tart” “Looloo” and a “bitch”. We feel quite sympathetic for her at this point because she is treated horrifically about the way she looks. hrough out the chapters she was in, she was treated really badly on the ranch. She was called a “tart” and at one point, she was called a “God damn tramp” by George in chapter 5.
- She does not have a name which immediately shows she is someones property at the very start
- Being lonely leads to craving attention
- Her relationship with the workers is very weak because everyone judges her cover before they meet her.
Before we are presented to Curley’s wife, Candy talks about her, to George and Lennie. She is spoken about in a gossipy manor. “I think Curley’s married a … tart.” Steinbeck is prejudicing or preparing us before we meet Curley’s wife. He does this, so that we have an influenced