Curley's Wife In Of Mice And Men

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She is very low in terms of social hierarchy. However, she is a representation of the women in the 1930’s. For example; Steinbeck describes her face as ‘heavily made-up’. This represents Curley’s Wife as an object to look at. It also shows that she is trying to gain attention from the men on the ranch. Her appearance portrays as a desperation to be noticed. Steinbeck uses the phrase ‘heavily made-up’ in order to represent her as a manipulative temptress. This implies that she has to look pretty and perfect in front of the men in the ranch but it also shows how much make up she is wearing. The term ‘made-up’ connotes that she is dressed up like a doll. However, she does have a little power as the boss’s son’s wife. She uses this power to threten the weak ones and the ones who are really low in terms of social hierarchy. For example; ‘’I could get you strung up on the tree so easy.’’ This dialogue is told by Curley’s Wife to Crooks, who has a black skin color. She tells this because during …show more content…
For example; ‘’…but I can’t talk to nobody but Curley.’’ Steinbeck shows us that since she is the only female on the ranch, she is constantly being isolated by Curley. This quote is a dialogue said by Curley’s Wife to Lennie. The purpose of this quote is that Curley’s Wife is trying to tell that she is trapped by marriage with Curley and that she does have the right to talk to other people. The reader also starts to realize that she isn’t all that mean and cruel. Her personality develops as she talks to Lennie in the barn. However, when she tries to interact with others, they assume that she is flirting with them and also they gossip about her. This makes the reader feel sympathetic towards her as Curley has more power over her and also she is unhappy with her marriage with Curley. Steinbeck uses this quote to prove that her personality can develop as she starts opening up to people and as people listen to