Curley's Wife Monologue

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Carlson just got done messing with curley. The confidence flowing through the room let me say “glove full of vaseline” as I chuckled. Lennie then started to laugh. Dang Curley not going to like that. Hopefully Curley gets what he deserves. Why he have to mess with the big fella anyway. He aint do anything. So much rage in a little man. “Ooh” as he takes a swing at Lennie. Dang I thought the big fella had more than this. Lennie then started to cry. A flurry of blows hit Lennie's face. Somebody stop this fight. Even Slim got in it a little bit. As it gets more intense I get more interested. Why has George not done anything yet. Does he know something we don’t. Lennie then grabs curley’s hand. Wait what, why did curley just drop to the floor and start blubbering like a baby. Since I started here I wanted to see that spoiled brat get what he deserves. Alright he suffered enough, big guy let go of his hand . Lennie did not, it finally took George to force him to let go. When I finally saw his hand it mangled to a pulp. Dang, big fella …show more content…
This place was like hell to me. It had taken my hand and my dam pup that I had for so long. My time was over here, anyways I was just extra baggage for Curley’s old man. They might as well shoot me like they done my dog. What I do ain’t nothing the others can’t do. It is time for me to go, these boys are my only hope and that son of a bitch Curley may have just ruined it. I need to get this farm with the boys so I can feel useful. My money cant go to waste I have no need for it. They probably gonna fire me the first chance they get. I was really excited to tend to the garden all by myself. Curley such a damn spoiled child he wouldn't be that way in the first place. Hopefully Slim can work his magic and give these boys a chance to make it to the end of the month. Once that letter comes back I am taking my money and will never think about this place