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Hackers Break into Health Care.Gov. But Officials say no Consumer data Compromised
September 4, 2014
Barbra Williamson
Jamikka Waremercer

This Article talked about how hackers successfully are breaching the health care government webpage. They’re saying that no consumer information was taken from the insurance site. These sites serve as more than five million Americans. This information was given out on Thursday. The article touches on how malicious software that could have been used to attack sites, provided by the government. The government was relieved to know that the website was only used for testing so it didn’t contain consumer information. It is crazy that this happened on July 8th and it wasn’t until last Monday that this situation was discovered. I think that they lost track and were slacking so they did not do they’re usual scan of the systems logs. They should have realized something because the system had been having trouble. A whole lot of problems.
I think that this article deals with the global perspective because it talks about how the sit catered to the American people. I also believe that the information has to deal with the federal government and if it was national I would think that would have allowed them to have to deal with the government of other countries and the article didn’t say anything about that.
The article shows how that even though people’s personal information should be protected by the government it wasn’t safe. I also thought that the government…