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Assignment 211
Task a
* 1.The Existing Handbook. * 2. Changes in law since last update. * 3. Latest Health and Safety requirements
Also you could check wesites and ring up to head office and check their current employment law.
Every aspect of employment is covered by law. The first of any form of employment needs a contract, the employee must have a contact of employment. There is a whole series of laws that relate to the conditions of work, these include:
* Minimum wage
* Hours worked
* Discrimination

The spectrum of employment law in the UK covers three main areas.

Employment Rights, Equalities and Discrimination law. Health and safety legislation.

Although Equalities and Health and safety have meaning in other areas of life... both bodies of law feature measures relating to employment to a significant degree.
In the United Kingdom, employment laws exist to regulate the relationship between employers and employees
Employment contract law states that certain matters must be included in an employment contract. For example, it explains what constitutes an employment contract, which clauses should be included and when one should be used. A contract of employment can be written or verbal; however, it is better to have a written contract rather than just a verbal agreement. In court, it may be more difficult to prove the existence and contents of a verbal employment contract. For example, an employee would have to prove that the employer made a particular representation about the employment in order to have a claim for breach of contract, which can be difficult to do without written evidence.
Even if there is only a verbal contract, it is a requirement of employment contract law for the employer to give the employee a written statement of the main terms and conditions of the basis of their employment within a certain period.
Task B
These most commonly fall into 4 main sections:
A: Job description