Current Ethical Issues

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Current Ethical Issues Kimberly Adcock XMGT/216 September 7, 2014 Shakema Fleming-Sanders


INTRODUCTION Kudler Fine Foods has three stores that is located in La Jolla, which was opened in 1998. Two years later, Kathy Kudler open a store in the location of Del Mar. In 2003, Kathy Kudler open a third store in Encinitas, and Kudler Fine Foods is a very popular store. Just like all other businesses, Kudler Fine Foods wants to achieve all of their goals into a maximizing their profits in providing high quality products at the lowest prices than their competitors, and the price that their customers will be able to afford. Kudler Fine Foods wants to move forward into the electronic commerce business, that way it would expand their business and be able to attract more customers and increase their purchase cycle and their sales. For this purpose they will want to be able to establish a Frequent Shopper Program. Kudler Fine Foods, operate successfully as a retail store program. In this paper it will be able to explain the Kudler Frequent Shopper Program.
Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program In the retail industry it is very much an implementing frequent shopper program to be able to reward their loyal customers. Similarly, Kudler Fine Foods is also interested in the implementation of this program for their electronic commerce. The Frequent Shopper Program has several steps to be successful. It will provide the electronic commerce and all of the in store shopping to the store. The store will need to develop a point of sale system, to make the history of the online shopping database, modify all of the communication between the, point of sale system and to be able to provide a discount on frequent shopping. Frequent Shopper Program based on several of the considerations, so it will be essential to evaluate the consideration of the
CURRENT ETHICAL ISSUES 3 Frequent Shopper Program under the legal, ethical and security concerns.
Legal Considerations of Frequent Shopper Program For all of the implementation of the frequent shopper program it needs to consider several of the legal considerations. The considerations are as follows:
1. “According to the privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, an opt-in consent procedure is required for making commercial emails and electronic commerce”(Develop an electronic marketing plan).
2. Business organizations need to specify their business information which it wants to be able to provide to the recipient to the electronic regulations.
3. Business needs to develop their strategies according to all of the guidelines of the electronic regulations.
4. There are also taxation laws for electronic commerce of the native country.
5. “To copy the business processes and the intellectual properties of the business organizations is also important legal consideration of the electronic commerce”(Develop an electronic marketing plan).
There are all of the legal considerations that needs to be consider for The Frequent Shopper Program by Kudler Fine Foods Store.
Ethical Considerations of Frequent Shopper Program. There are also a few ethical considerations to consider of the frequent shopper program. For example, the customers, safety is the most important ethical consideration of the electronic commerce. Another important ethical consideration of the electronic commerce is the protection