Current Ethical Issues

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Current Ethical Issues


Ethics is a moral obligation and is something that we all encounter at some point in time in our lives. This is when you have to make a decision and be able to make hard and knowledgeable decisions for the greater good. Even in the professional world all people should act in a manner that would up hold the good of the society. The organization that I have chosen is Kudler Fine Foods. Kudler provides the finest wines and foods in three different locations. They also offer many delicious and different ingredients from around the world with different foods from bakeries, meat and seafood, produce, cheese, dairy and wine.
Kathy Kudler is the creator of the gourmet food shop her vision was much more than opening a food shop. She wanted people to enjoy foods that she made at its best as well as wine tasting, not something that you can get just at any food shop. The success of Kudler’s is because of the many characteristics that her shop offers will attract so many different people and cultures. For example providing a great price and a great customer service Kudler and her employees offer and a variety of fresh foods and produce with no conservatives. The bakery is inspired by a European touch, the bakers start preparing the dough early in the morning baking different breads, pastries, loaves, fruit tarts, flatbreads, and croissants in Southern California. The pastries are made from old recipes and the finest ingredients like Irish butter, organic eggs, and unbleached flour. The most important bakery ingredient is that there are no preservatives. They have a slogan that if the customer is not satisfied with the baked goods then the purchase is free.
The meat and seafood is organic as well and is always fresh and prepared in the store for the customer. The meat and seafood are always fresh and they carry a variety of poultry