Obamacare Enrollment May Hit 7 Million Goals At Deadline

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Kathryn Hardin
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“Obamacare Enrollment May Hit 7 Million Goals at Deadline” http://www.businessweek.com/printer/articles/705041?type=bloomberg This article, published on March 31 2014 on Bloomberg Business week, discusses the increasing enrollments on the recently established healthcare.gov website, designed in accordance with the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare). This act has been at the top of Obama’s to-do list since his inauguration into office. The article discusses the technological as well as demographical problems that have been hindering the Obama Administration’s goal since the site’s launch in October, as well as it finally reaching its original goal on March 31, 2014. This does not keep in account, however, who has paid and how many of those enrollments resulted as far as dropped insurance plans. As far as demographics, the advertisements have been aimed at young adults who make up a large portion of the 48 million who are unemployed. About 2 million adults under age 26 gained insurance coverage which is largely attributed to the coverage expansion that allows parents to include children under age 26 on their health plans. Despite this, it has been difficult to reach young people whether it is because they are procrastinating signing up or unsure if they actually need it. I found that this article directly relates to our recent discussions about goals and planning in class. It is amazing to me that Obamacare