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Timothy Moana
Period. 5
Scientists Upload a Worms Mind Into a Lego Robot
A research called the open worm project brought together scientists and programmers around the world to recreate the behaviors of a roundworm. The first discovery was when a worms brain independently controlled a lego robot. The discovery helped put into perspective that artificial intelligence is possible. Many different connections to the worm were placed at different functions of the worm to imitate the worms movement. After this breakthrough, scientists plan to keep making more discoveries to further their knowledge. What they plan to do is make a worm replica and use the worm to control it to see a worms movement up close.
So far, 60 contributors have been a part of this scientific breakthrough.
I think that this finding is one of the biggest discoveries in the world because this opens up the door to many opportunities because these organisms could turn into robots and possibly be part of our society. I think that these findings could also discover some techniques that these organisms use that could help out human life. The discovery will create countless amounts of replicas so we can discover all different kinds of organism behaviors.
This affects the community and the world because scientists have found a way to process a small organisms brain thoughts and connect it to a certain action. Scientists in different countries would want to be the first to use a human brain