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Current Event Jennifer Butterfield
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Sociology 102
LaQuanda Madison

Who: First grader Coy Mathis
What: Coy is a transgendered child who was banned from using the girl’s restroom at her Colorado elementary school. Her parents want to sue the school for discrimination.
Where: Colorado
Why: Her parents want the school to realize that they cannot discriminate against her because she is transgendered
This article is really interesting to me. I feel that this has to do with family, because it shows what family structures are like today and how different they are. Coy is a six year old boy who identifies himself as a girl. The elementary school that Coy attends is saying that they will not allow Coy to use the female bathroom because when Coy is older there will be people who will be uncomfortable with Coy using the female bathroom. I disagree with that because I don’t believe the school can really tell what is going to happen when Coy gets older. They can’t predict how other people will react in the future. All they can go by is what’s happening now, and right now no one is reacting to it or making it a big deal. Besides if they allow Coy to use the female restroom they are teaching the other children about tolerance and about how to accept people who are different. If you start it now you can change the fact that people may not be accepting toward Coy in the future because they are being exposed to her now but if they