Current Event 6 Essay

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Anna Kidd
November 20th 2014
Current Event 6

Hydrogen Powered Cars I read about Hydrogen Powered cars and their new efficiency and affordability, in the
New York Times. A few years ago, Hydrogen Powered cars were put at the top of the list to fund for exploration but dropped when electricity powered cars came into play. Recently, some car providers have been focusing more on the Hydrogen powered vehicles and making them affordable. Toyota even states how this year they will be releasing a car, in California, which is completely run on Hydrogen and there will be multiple stations that provide Hydrogen for refills. The article states how the excess runoff from the car is completely clean water and there are no polluting gasses. The positive looks of the car is that there is also no noise pollution and has great acceleration. Electric car providers have also argued with the outcome of the Hydrogen vehicle and even though there are downsides to hydrogen there are also some to Electric cars. The electric cars do not go for very long or far and have to take time to recharge often.
I thought that this article was interesting because I often question why we don’t use less polluting cars and materials. It helped me realize that it is difficult to make these, no matter how good it is for the environment, and that there are also a lot of politics involved.
Learning about the human populations last unit made me realize how much space we take up and resources