China In Suspending Woman's Death Sentence

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Emily Arroyo
Period 4

China, in Suspending Woman’s Death Sentence, Acknowledges Domestic Abuse
Beijing / International / April 24, 2015

The article is about a Li Yan, a woman in Anyue, Sichuan, China who killed her husband. This took place at their home. She says her husband tried to hurt her. He seized her hair and hit her head against the wall. In her defense, she grabbed the air rifle her had struck at her, and hit him in the head twice killing him. She cut off his head and boiled parts of his body. The Chinese People court in Beijing has acknowledged that she is a victim of abuse. The ruling by Shichuan ordered murder conviction against her. After 2 years of good behavior, the sentence will be committed to life in prison. Although, she was sentenced to death by the Zyang Intermediate People’s court. Hundreds of lawyers and feminists are trying to get the state not to execute her.
This affects the global community because it is important that the death penalty be eliminated completely. In my opinion the death penalty should never be used against anybody. In China an estimated 12,000 people were executed in 2002. In 2013, an estimated 2,400 were executed. Although the exact number is kept secret, experts say this is accurate. It is also important that woman abuse is recognized around the world. The government should focus on educating men to not abuse woman. If men are educated they are likely to not abuse a woman. Women who are abused have low self-esteem and