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Community Current Event; Breath Test may Detect TB in Minutes * Summarize article * Implications for public health and public health nursing

The new TB breath test would fall under Secondary Prevention due to the fact that it is a screening tool used for detection of TB so it can be treated in its early stages is found so to prevent long term effects.

Testing for TB is very important due to: Most infected persons do not experience clinical illness, but are usually asymptomatic and noninfectious.

The only evidence of infection may be a reaction to a tuberculin skin test. However, infection can persist for years, and infected persons can remain at risk for developing clinical TB, especially if the immune system becomes impaired.

The CDC states that the estimated number of persons having latent TB infection in the United States ranges from 10 million to 15 million

Screening and preventive therapy programs are important for persons in high-risk groups. The CDC recommends that these following groups be screened for TB.
These high risk groups include: 1. close contacts (i.e., those sharing the same household or other enclosed environments) of persons known or suspected to have TB; 2. persons infected with HIV; 3. persons who inject illicit drugs or other locally identified high-risk substance users (e.g., crack cocaine users); 4. persons who have medical risk factors known to increase the risk for disease if infection occurs (see Persons Having Other Medical Risk Factors); 5. residents and employees of high-risk congregate settings (e.g., correctional institutions, nursing homes, mental institutions, other long-term residential facilities, and shelters for the homeless); 6. health-care workers who serve high-risk clients; 7. foreign-born persons, including children, recently arrived (within 5 years) from countries that have a high TB incidence or prevalence; 8. some medically underserved, low-income populations; 9. high-risk racial or ethnic minority populations, as defined locally; and 10. infants, children, and adolescents exposed to adults in high-risk categories.
Due to the severity of TB it is VERY important to educate the public about the importance of being screened if they are within any of the high risk criteria.
The United States has an extremely low incidence of tuberculosis — around 12,000 to 13,000 new diagnoses per year. That’s because the United States has the human resources, an existing healthcare system, and funds needed for controlling the disease. Many countries have none of these things. And those countries, including many in Asia and Africa, are still plagued with high numbers of tuberculosis cases, says Dr. Tomford.
To remain successful in the fight against tuberculosis, keeping awareness high and funds dedicated is essential. "If people don't continue to pay attention to tuberculosis, I fear that the rate of decline will flatten," says Tomford.
In the United States, there are doctors who specialize in, and focus on, treating and preventing the spread of tuberculosis. These doctors are knowledgeable about spotting and promptly treating the disease, and making sure citizens are aware of the importance of treatment.
But it's also important to raise awareness internationally. Here are some campaigns attempting to do that: * World TB Day. This international day of awareness is sponsored by the Stop TB Partnership, which brings together governments and individuals to fight TB. World TB Day brings international…