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After analyzing the situation, the email I just received as the HR employee relation manager is caused by the recent policy change at Best Buy and Yahoo. In the first sentence of this email, Marc Onetto, Senior VP of Amazon has said the main reason he is writing this email is because our competitors have changed their policies and he has concern about our own work from home policy. As of right now our company’s policy allows administrative employees to work 20% of their work week from home. Marc Onetto said this percentage of time working at home can be increased if two levels of management approve it and if the HR department monitors these employees closely if this policy is approved. The Senior VP, Marc Onetto, wants to know if we should change this policy like our competitors, keep it as is, or increase the amount of hours our employees can work from home. He also wants to know if we should communicate this policy to all our employees. The people who will be affected if we change the current policy to be like our competitors and have nobody work from home will be the administrative employees who currently get to take advantage of working twenty percent of their time from home. If we take away the policy so no one can work from home like Best Buy and Yahoo recently did, than the employees will get angry and it will start collusion in the workplace. If we increase the current policy to allow our administrative employees to work more time at home than the other employees