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Current Events Paper

One of the most controversial topics in the news today, would be the suspension, extended suspension, and eventual reinstatement of the once three time pro bowl running back for the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Rice. Rice was initially suspended for 2 games after video surfaced of him dragging his unconscious fiancé out of a casino elevator. They both had been drinking and after a heated dispute, it was clear an altercation had occurred. The events that occurred in the elevator were initially ambiguous and no charges were immediately filed. Ray Rice and his wife were allowed to go home and after months of arbitration, damage control and lobbying to the commissioner, rice was able to walk away with merely a two-game suspension.
The media backlash was immense; the NFL had never seen more scrutiny. The public was simply outraged by the “slap on the wrist ” approach the NFL had taken on its stars. Several fans traded in their Ray Rice jerseys for refunds or other players in a nationwide program hosted by the NFL.
This was an issue as serious as domestic violence and the light suspension indicated the lack of seriousness the NFL was giving it. What made the situation worse was that prior to the start of the season the NFL had suspended wide receiver Joshua Gordon for the entire season for Marijuana abuse, which is now legalized in several states and decriminalized in others. Things took a turn for the worse when the video surfaced of the altercation within the elevator, showing an inebriated and enraged Rice spitting on his then fiancé and striking her twice. The question then became about morals. How could the NFL, its commissioner or any one in the league office have been aware of the level of violence that had occurred and only suspended rice for two games. This was unethical behavior at its highest point. Several feminist groups called for the immediate resignation of commissioner Roger Goodell, though he maintained his position. Roger Goodell claimed that Ray rice’s testimony of events that warranted