Current Health Care Issues Essay

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Organizational Responsibility & Current Health Care Issues
HCS - 545

Organizational Responsibility & Current Health Care Issues In today's modern world with plenty of technology, it is hard to believe that we cannot figure out how to reduce Medical errors. The issue of medical error is not new in health care organizations. It has been in spot light since 1990's, when government did research on sudden increase in number of death in the hospitals. According to Lester, H., & Tritter, J. (2001), "Medical error is an actual or potential serious lapse in the standard of care provided to a patient, or harm caused to a patient through the performance of a health service or health care professional." Medical errors
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Organizational governance means having leadership . Many times due to poor leadership in the organization, it becomes hard to get all the staff together and work as a team . Strong leadership is required to have a successful treatment on patient without having medical error. Also, the social responsibility from hospital staff is important to provide care without causing medical errors. All the patients should be first priority for all medical staff.
Health care organization should try to find resources that can help their organization to reduce medical errors. The most important resource could be allocating enough financial backup. With help of money the organization should work on making hospital equipments and service better, so the chance of medical error can reduces. Many times nurses and physicians make medical error due to not having latest medical equipments in the hospital. Also, try to contact other health organizations, who doesn't have similar medical error issues as your health organization and learn different way to fight the medical errors problem. Another huge factor that causes a medical error is not having enough medical staff to provide top quality patient care. Many times medical error occurs because of not having enough nurses and physicians on duty. The shortage of medical staff raises the concern of patient safety. As I have discussed earlier the importance of enough nurses at hospitals or