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Devki My Current Job I am working at classic eyebrows as an eyebrow/eyelash stylist. When I was in India I got to learn how to shape eyebrow, but back home I never worked as a professional stylist. After few years we moved here for good. When I came to USA, initially I couldn’t find any job; so one day my aunt offered me a job position at her salon. I accepted her offer and started working at her salon first as a temporary employer. In the beginning I already knew how to shape the eyebrow but I didn’t know how to do artificial eyelashes; So my aunt taught me how to do eyelashes, I felt it was difficult compared to styling the eyebrows and since then I just hate to do styling of eyelashes. During first month at my job people didn’t trust me; everyone was scared to sit with me. It was natural, because I was new at work. Eyebrow is a most important part of our face, because when we look anyone’s face if her or his eyebrows are in perfect shape, he or she would look good. We all have different types facial shape like round, square, oval, long, heart, diamond, etc hence everybody cannot have similar type of eyebrow shape. There are main 2 types of eyebrow shapes as in natural- thin and natural thick, also depending on people how they want to keep it. Most of the people prefer nice thick angled, and only few people like to keep natural –thin. There are 3 techniques to do temporary eyebrow shaping: threaded, wax, and tweeze. Threading is a non-invasive hair removal technique that shapes eyebrows. Holding the knotted end of a special cotton thread, and artist gently twists the thread and runs it along the brow area needing hair removal. She quickly grabs and removes excess hairs from the roots. Second method is waxing your eyebrows, in wax eyebrows first you clean eyebrows with clinger, and how you want eyebrows shape you put hot wax along the hairline side and then gently remove it off by pulling with a stripe. And third Method is tweezing your eyebrows; in this method tweeze off your extra hair with a pair of tweezers and…