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Current Article Summary
Kerisha Wilson
University of Phoenix
Kia Carter Anderson
September 21, 2014

Current Article Summary In the article the US needs better end of life care, which might cut costs that was published by the associated press on 17 September 2014. The author states that “ The United States needs to improve its medical care for people nearing death, a move that might cut rising healthcare costs, an Institute of Medicine (IOM) study said on Wednesday. “ According to the IOM the study that was conducted is aimed at initial a debate on how the U.S. healthcare system treats Americans approaching death and urges ample care to increase the quality of life in their final days. The study was encouraged by allegations that under the 2010 Affordable Care Act doctors who would advise patients about end-of-life issues would be part of "death panels" that would judge who would live and who would die. “The proposal never became law.”
The information in this article provides a national perspective, according to the study “One benefit of improved end-of-life programs could be lower healthcare spending in the United States, which reached $2.8 trillion in 2012.” Additionally A 2011 examination showed that a patient's instruction limiting treatment near the end of life could save $5,585 per death in areas of the United States with high healthcare costs.
The information within this article in my opinion will affect everyone, because in my opinion no matter how young or old a person is they should have a plan in place for the end of life. No one knows when they’re time will be come to an end so it is best to have a plan that is set in stone that to help loved one coop…