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This document was compiled by the IOSS project office and summarizes how many of the Joint Base Powell Infrastructure, Operations, and Support Services (IOSS) requirements listed in the draft PWS were acquired in the past. Each service area is briefly covered by providing information about any current initiatives/contracts, current performance problems, and stakeholder comments about any changes in projected requirements.

This document is intended to help the integrated acquisition project team 1) understand and consider the implications of how the various IOSS services requirements were procured in the past and/or are currently
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SIP has also raised some concerns about its ability to accurately estimate its costs given those same volume fluctuations.

Transportation / Motor Pool
The transportation / motor pool management services requirements also specify that the contractor is required to maintain the motor pool at a threshold average availability of 97%, as well as respond to transportation requests for cargo within all routine and emergency service calls within the specified time limits 100% of the time. SIP has had trouble meeting the transportation availability and response time requirements. SIP attributes these issues to unrealistic expectations of an aging motor pool.

Airfield Management
The airfield management services requirements specify that the contractor is required to maintain threshold staffing levels, complete 98% of all required inspections on schedule, submit 95% of all required reports on schedule, receive no more than five validated complaints from local flying units per reporting period, and resolve all scheduling conflicts within threshold SLAs. SIP has been exemplary in its performance of the Airfield Management services.

Port Support
The port support requirements specify that the contractor is required to support biannual transfers of authority with no validated complaints per transfer, complete 98% of all required service on schedule,