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The “Morning After Pill” Debate I had actually written a paper on a different subject but when this came across the news the other night, I couldn’t resist. The FDA has decided to lower the age at which people can buy the Plan B One-Step morning-after pill without a prescription and right over the counter, from age 17 to age 15. Birth control for anyone under the age of 18 has always been a controversy it seems. Now, with this issue, it has pushed birth control once again into the limelight. Of course women’s rights groups as well as reproductive rights groups are debating the issue. Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women said, “The prevention of unwanted pregnancy, particularly in adolescents, should not be obstructed by politicians” This group of course thinks that its “a step back in women’s health”. Anti-abortionists however, believe that its just an easier way to abort your child. One doctor was applauding the court decision because “it gives anyone of reproductive age another tool to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy”. Her stance was based on the impact of pregnancy in someone who is not ready for a child. She was definitely on the pro side. On the other hand, a 14-year-old freshman in high school was appalled by the decision and made a very good point. She said it would be “putting children at risk without our parents’ knowledge”. I happen to agree. Yes, all of my research points to trying to get the teen pregnancy rate down, however, if kids (which they are