Research On Attitudes Of Teachers

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Purpose Statement:

The purpose of this quantitative study is to measure the attitudes of experienced teachers’ willingness to change teaching strategies to achieve better results when comparing veteran teachers and new teachers’ achievement test scores at middle school XYZ.

Explain how the data will be prepared for analysis.

I will collect my data from teacher using surveys and questionnaires and I will preassign a numeric score or value to each response. Once I collect the data I will use summed scores to compute the overall attitudes of new and experienced teachers. Once I score the data I will use a computer program to analyze the data such as Microsoft excel where graphs and tables will be prepared for analysis.

Explain how you will analyze the data.

I will analyze my data by going back to my research questions and I will be looking for trends in the data to the attitudes of teachers. I will compare groups of the independent variables or just new teachers or just veteran teachers to answer questions that require inferential statistics in order to draw a conclusion. I will be utilizing measures of central tendency such as the mean, median and mode.

Explain how you will report the results.

I will report my results in the form of tables, figures in the form of bar charts, and line graphs and third I report the results utilizing detail explanations about the statistical results. These results will provide clarification to written information